Secondary Schools Satellite Clubs

Satellite clubs are an extension of community clubs, which can offer a different sporting experience for young people within their locality, focusing on the 14 to 25 year age group. The step from school to a community club is often too great for some young people which is why so many 14-25 year olds drop out of sport, this programme aims to make sport accessible to all even those that are not typically 'sporty', keeping them active.

How this works
Established sports clubs would bring their expertise, equipment and enthusiasm into your school, to run the satellite club.  The club would provide a coach one day a week, for the year, the school provides the venue. Both parties work together to promote and inspire young people to get involved.

For young people:
A chance to do sport on their terms...

  • With friends
  • Without embarrassment
  • Wearing whatever they want
  • Without travel
  • Without expensive charges
  • Flexible

A chance to enjoy being active...

  • And having fun
  • Try something new
  • Have a go
  • Compete against similar abilities
  • Progress if they want to…..
  • Stepping stone to a club environment

Getting involved...

  • Make it their club
  • Take responsibility for making it a success
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Organisation was excellent!

    "Organisation was excellent, great atmosphere and the links to clubs on the back of the certificates was fabulous."

    Portfields, PE Team

  • Thank you for inviting me to this wonderful event.

    "All the sports were brilliant and I had a wonderful time... Another thing I liked was being able to meet and talk with people who had other disabilities. I hope to see you next year."

    Tilly, Loughton School

  • Fantastic tutor!

    "Fantastic tutor. Very practical, informative and easy to follow. Would like to attend further courses."

    Karen Kelly, Slated Row

  • Great ideas!

    "Great ideas of how to structure lessons and build on simple ideas. Really fun and exciting. Brilliant."

    Vicky Smith, Haydon Abbey School

  • A lot more confident!

    "I am now a lot more confident and knowledgeable with regard to using gymnastics equipment in a lesson and structuring the session appropriately."

    John Reynolds, Coach

  • Outstanding!

    "The CPD courses have helped give me confidence and knowledge to deliver high quality PE lessons throughout the school... this has given me the platform to strive towards 'Outstanding' lessons on a regular basis."

    Joel Oakley, New Bradwell