Change 4 Life Clubs

Change4Life clubs have been designed to address a need to increase physical activity levels in less active children, within school. The aim is to create an exciting and inspirational environment to engage these young people in school sport, to encourage participation in lifelong sport and physical activity, making it a life ‘habit’.


  1. All children and young people should engage in moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity for al least 60 minutes and up to several hours every day.
  2. Vigorous intensity activities, including those that strengthen muscle and bone, should be incorporated at least three days a week.
  3. All children and young people should minimise the amount of time spent being sedentary for extended periods.

Ref: Chief Medical Officer's report, "Start Active, Stay Active".

Change4Life clubs hope to play a major role in addressing the long standing challenge of helping more children engage in sport throughout their lives, by taking the first steps to develop sports skills, confidence and knowledge in a safe and familiar environment. Change4Life clubs are targeted at the gap between the fundamental movement skills developed at age 5-7 and sport specific skill development at age 9-11. These clubs should capture the essence of sport without directly delivering sport specific content. Targeted at Y3&4, however the tasks should be suited to their mental and physical abilities rather than their age.

Change4Life clubs are a school club on school site, providing an accessible introductory club, unique in their delivery that engages pupils in developing the club, making it less daunting for less active children.

The club should be run by a staff member or volunteer from within the school. It can be run before school, at lunchtime or afterschool to suit your pupils and facilities. The activities are designed to engage children in physical activity while understanding the health messages and challenging themselves. The pack contains equipment, resource cards, logbooks, wristbands and stickers. It is a 12 week programme with a requirement to report attendance numbers at 3 points within a 12 week block.

If you are interested in running a Change 4 Life club within your school please contact the Partnership Office on 01908 682215

  • Organisation was excellent!

    "Organisation was excellent, great atmosphere and the links to clubs on the back of the certificates was fabulous."

    Portfields, PE Team

  • Thank you for inviting me to this wonderful event.

    "All the sports were brilliant and I had a wonderful time... Another thing I liked was being able to meet and talk with people who had other disabilities. I hope to see you next year."

    Tilly, Loughton School

  • Fantastic tutor!

    "Fantastic tutor. Very practical, informative and easy to follow. Would like to attend further courses."

    Karen Kelly, Slated Row

  • Great ideas!

    "Great ideas of how to structure lessons and build on simple ideas. Really fun and exciting. Brilliant."

    Vicky Smith, Haydon Abbey School

  • A lot more confident!

    "I am now a lot more confident and knowledgeable with regard to using gymnastics equipment in a lesson and structuring the session appropriately."

    John Reynolds, Coach

  • Outstanding!

    "The CPD courses have helped give me confidence and knowledge to deliver high quality PE lessons throughout the school... this has given me the platform to strive towards 'Outstanding' lessons on a regular basis."

    Joel Oakley, New Bradwell